Your Questions About Pink Gift Ideas For Women

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Thomas asks… Hannukah gift idea? Is this a good gift? Ok, I’m on a budget. So I’m doing handmade gifts for the holidays. One of my close friends is Jewish, so I’m thinking I’ll make her a beaded necklace with a silver Star of David pendant for her Hannukah gift. Her favorite colors are blue

Thomas asks…

Hannukah gift idea? Is this a good gift?

Ok, I’m on a budget. So I’m doing handmade gifts for the holidays. One of my close friends is Jewish, so I’m thinking I’ll make her a beaded necklace with a silver Star of David pendant for her Hannukah gift. Her favorite colors are blue and pink. I’m thinking for the beads 4mm blue and clear Swarovzki crystals (which I can get a good deal on at a certian website, they’re about $8 for a package of 144, which is a really cheap for Austrian crystal beads) or maybe blue crystals with white freshwater pearls. If I made this necklace, I would probably have enough beads to make more neclaces in the same color scheme and give them to other women on my gift list. Different pendants, of course, but same color scheme.
What do people think of this idea? Is it good? Is it ok to give several women on my gift list similar gifts?
LOL Mary’s a mind reader….that’s actually the website I’m using.

penny answers:

I think that is a wonderful idea.
Along with it give a gift that will last forever. Teach her about her Jewish heritage and the true beauty, privilege and spirituality of being a Jewish woman.


Sharon asks…

what kind of gift can you give someone who just found out they’re expecting?

I cant really give baby stuff coz you dont know if u should get pink or blue since they obviously dont know what theyre having yet. any ideas on a gift for a newly pregnant woman?

penny answers:

They make tons of anti-stretchmark and other pregnancy related creams and aroma therapy things. . More expensive but an awesome gift would be a portable home sonogram machine so they can see the baby whenever they want rather than waiting for a doctor’s visit. I’ve seen them advertised for around $100.

Paul asks…

What are some “adult birthday goodie bag” filler ideas?

Its a birthday party for an adult. There will be men and woman at the party, most with a sense of humor. Like at a kids birthday party, when the guests leave, they are given a small goodie bag of gifts and candy.

Need ideas for these bags for adults. Yes, there will be pink bags for the women and baby blue for the men. Trying to keep it under $20.00 a bag.

Suggest a filler for each bag…

penny answers:

Booty ease..for both the men and women,lol

Laura asks…

What are the best and least expensive pink flowers for mother’s day?

I donated to a breast cancer organization for my mother and my aunt’s mother’s day gifts. To not just hand them a piece of paper, I had the idea of also getting them pink flowers. Which ones should I be looking for that are inexpensive yet beautiful for mother’s day?
I could spare some cash but I gave up most of my money on the donation for both women……

penny answers:

The least expensive would be a bouquet of carnations. They are the cheapest flower, generally.

However, for the same price you could probably get a stargazer (a huge white and pink lily), and even just one of those is magnificent and beautiful and they smell heavenly!

But I also wanted to say good for you on donating your money. I know you didn’t do it for accolades, but it was a very generous thing to do. =)

Chris asks…

Do you have a relative who continually gives your child AWFUL gifts?

My MIL and SIL have the worst taste I have ever heard of and continually give gifts that no one will ever use.

I can deal with repeatedly receiving flamboyant hot pink sequined dresses that only Malibu Barbie should wear, because as an adult, I don’t invest as many emotions in a gift as a child would. But when my kids get old enough to really look forward to gifts, I’m worried that they will be continually disappointed by these horrible gifts. I don’t have room here to write a novel but I can give two examples of their many horrible gifts:

When asked for gift ideas for our son, my husband and I suggested only toys, because that is the only thing that he will enjoy right now. We recommended no clothing gifts because we already have SO many clothes, and because our son would not enjoy clothes anyway. So my MIL sends a big package a couple of weeks later filled with GIRL clothes—no really, I’m serious. They were all legging and cardigan sets, with girly details. I don’t know what she was thinking, but it was so frustrating to know that she spent her money on this when #1 we didn’t have any use for extra clothes and #2 my husband would NEVER dress his son in those clothes. I felt guilty and annoyed at the same time.

My SIL just bought my son a piece of rather gaudy room decor for my son’s birthday present that doesn’t match the theme of his room in any way (his room has a very easy and popular baby theme to follow, and she is aware of how it is decorated). But I’m not as upset about it not matching his room as I am frustrated that this is a gift that my son has no use for.

All my son enjoys right now is toys! Wouldn’t you think that relatives who want so badly for a grandson/nephew to like them would want to spoil him with toys? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I just found out last week that I will be having a baby girl next, and they have already talked about buying her all kinds of clothes. I am cringing at this thought because they honestly have the most horrible taste in clothes. Picture two women that really need to be on the show “What not to wear.” What THEY wear is none of my business, but I don’t want them dressing my child, and with a girl I’m fearing that there is a lot more room to be tacky clothing-wise than with boys. Is this going to get worse?

I know that I can’t do anything to change their personal taste, but I’m still baffled by their tendency to get gifts that are nowhere near what a child would ENJOY. My MIL has major empty-nest syndrome, and my SIL has been trying to conceive with no success yet. Could they possibly be living vicariously through me and my husband’s parenting experience by getting gifts that THEY enjoy giving rather than what my son would enjoy getting?

This whole thing makes me feel terrible because after all, a gift is a GIFT, something that is not mandatory and that is out of kindness. But it makes me feel bad that we never use anything that they give!

Please share any similar stories and how you handled this.
Oh my husband DID tell his mother that the clothes were GIRL clothes! She’s the type that always gets offended and cries very easily. Unfortunately, you can never give her honest or constructive criticism. If you’re not kissing her ass and trying to be her best friend she assumes that you hate her. Needless to say, she assumes that I hate her, and she cried at our last family event—totally unprovoked—because she said I wasn’t talking to her enough! She never listens to suggestions and always takes things too personally, yet she always crosses the line somehow, like with the clothes! Maybe she WANTS to be a victim.
Gallop—great idea. I wish me or my husband had siblings with children so we could have that in common and get help in the matter! But so far our son (and daughter-to-be) are the only grandchildren on both sides! Lucky us!
Sparky—I wish all the time that my SIL will get pregnant. I’ve wondered if the weird gift thing reflects her struggles at the moment.
Yeah I’ve definitely taken advantage of consignment shops! I have no choice—there are too many things that I don’t use! Funny thing is, even the consignment shops wouldn’t take many of the BRAND NEW clothes that they purchased! That’s pretty bad!
When it comes to clothes, I’ve never put him in things that he won’t actually wear for pictures. I thought that would probably just encourage them to continue buying clothes that will only be given away.

penny answers:

I get horrible things all the time. I just go to the consignment shop to trade up or put it on ebay. It always goes, then I can get what I want. If they ask you what to get and then get something completely different, you don’t have to feel bad about getting rid of it. With gifts, it’s the thought that counts, not the objects. Where’s the thought in girls clothes for a boy?

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